Healthcare is evolving.

Your digital ecosystem should be, too.

Raka Health specializes in implementing HIPAA-compliant digital strategies and solutions that drive ROI for healthcare and life science brands.

Data is the diagnosis.
Results are the remedy.

In healthcare, it’s crucial to get the message right. But the message will only work if your target audience sees it, understands it, and takes action from it. Marketing is like healthcare in that way—the key is to employ a strategy defined by experts, backed by data, and informed by results.

Marketing strategies get at the heart of questions like:

  • How can we better reach, nurture, and convert our target audience online?
  • What tools should be utilized and connected so we can have a cohesive process for building awareness, engagement, and converting visitors to contacts?
  • How can we use marketing tools like HubSpot while maintaining HIPAA compliance? 

Raka Health can answer these questions and define the perfect healthcare marketing strategy for your organization’s growth.


increase in the number of booked appointments for one of the nation’s fastest growing specialty clinics


increase in deals booked for a public health innovator at a leading private research university in the Northeast


increase in social media post interactions for a top nationwide specialty pharmacy

Starting a brand new project with Raka has been a wonderful experience. Raka really pushes one to think bigger picture in the larger marketing and sales goals of a project while staying on top of the minute details needed to implement these big ideas.

- Gwen Fairall, Boston University School of Public Health

Industry expertise,

Privacy isn’t just the law,
it’s the right thing to do.


We take HIPAA compliance and all forms of privacy and security very seriously. With over twenty years of experience in healthcare marketing, we understand how to navigate using data effectively while maintaining privacy legally. We’re a HubSpot partner and experts in employing the inbound method to grow healthcare brands. Additionally, our team has expertise in building custom solutions to hold sensitive data for patient-focused communications to ensure all aspects of your digital ecosystem remain HIPAA-compliant.


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