Healthcare Marketing Automation in HubSpot: Tools to Streamline Your Efforts

June 22, 2023

Marketing in healthcare can be a challenging task, especially given the ever-changing landscape of healthcare regulations, the sensitive nature of the content, new competition, and evolving patient or consumer behaviors. Budgets are tight, making the process even more challenging, and the need to attract new customers or patients and maintain relationships with existing ones cannot be overlooked. Healthcare marketing automation enables teams to streamline their processes, save time and resources, and quickly adapt to the changing industry landscape to ultimately hit their goals. If you’re a healthcare marketer with HubSpot, this blog post is for you —we’ll highlight some tools within HubSpot that can help you maximize your budget and automate your marketing efforts.

HubSpot campaigns tool

One of the most essential HubSpot tools for healthcare marketers is the Campaigns tool. Using this tool, you can automate the creation, organization, execution, and analysis of marketing campaigns from one central hub. The comprehensive campaign dashboard enables healthcare marketers to quickly see which channels are performing, what types of content drive leads, and which audiences are more engaged, thus allowing for quick pivots and improved performance by eliminating the need for continuous monitoring.

Three reasons we love the HubSpot Campaigns tool: 

  • Now in beta, HubSpot has implemented the ability to create campaign templates that allow you to build a documented set of steps for repeatable marketing campaigns.
  • Further customization allows you to edit campaign properties to match your team’s preferences and needs.
  • Collaboration tools like the campaign calendar, tasks, and comments keep your team on the same page throughout your healthcare marketing campaign.

Healthcare email marketing automation

With the HubSpot Email Marketing tool, marketers can create, personalize, and send emails that resonate with their target audience. They can also track the performance of their emails, indicating the open rates, click rates, and overall engagement. This tool can be crucial in nurturing leads, staying top of mind with patients or other audiences, and building relationships that contribute to better conversion rates.

Three reasons we love HubSpot’s Email Marketing tool:

  • The automation tab lets you quickly associate simple workflows to emails, such as adding contacts to a list or sending an internal notification.
  • Deliverability checks, such as the function preventing delivery to unengaged contacts, keep your email-sending domain healthy and your customers happy without needing to constantly check for issues.
  • In addition to the ability to schedule emails, HubSpot allows you to schedule for deployment in the contact’s timezone, meaning you can reach all of your contacts at the time most appropriate for them. 

HubSpot meetings tool

Another handy tool within HubSpot is the Meetings tool. Although it may not necessarily help with marketing, it’s an excellent resource for general organization, enabling healthcare marketers to create a personalized booking link, sync their calendars with the platform, and share the available times for booking. Marketers can use this tool for scheduling demos, follow-up meetings, or general calls with clients or stakeholders. The Meetings tool increases efficiency and eliminates back-and-forth emails.

Three reasons we love the HubSpot Meetings tool: 

  • Advanced design features allow customization of colors, logos, and links on the meeting booking pages to match the look and feel of your brand.
  • Connection with the HubSpot CRM enables automated email follow-ups, meeting reminders, tasks, and more.
  • The easily shareable meeting link allows you to send your availability without needing to go back and forth with someone via email to coordinate meeting times.

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Social media marketing for healthcare

Social media has become essential for healthcare marketers. For patient-facing healthcare companies, getting to know the doctors, nurses, and other team members behind the healthcare organization has become a critical step in deciding where to seek care. HubSpot’s Social Media tool can be highly beneficial in streamlining social media processes allowing marketers to schedule posts, analyze performance data, and monitor social conversations on several platforms from one dashboard. The tool can be integrated with other HubSpot marketing tools, making it easy to combine data and gain insights into the performance of social media campaigns.

Three reasons we love HubSpot’s Social Media Scheduler tool:

  • Bulk scheduling allows you to upload an Excel sheet instead of manually inputting all the posts, saving the time and effort needed to build a comprehensive social calendar.
  • By default, HubSpot automatically shortens all links in posts deployed from the platform to track clicks and save space. Sayonara!
  • Pumping out content? HubSpot allows you to auto-publish posts about new articles on your blog. 

By utilizing the right tools, healthcare marketing automation can be one of healthcare companies' most significant success drivers, empowering marketing teams to streamline their processes, save time, and ultimately hit their goals. The aforementioned marketing automation tools, including the Campaigns tool, Meetings tool, Email Marketing tool, and Social Media tool, can all be highly beneficial in automating marketing processes and reaching desired outcomes. With HubSpot, healthcare marketers can optimize their marketing efforts, ensuring they get the most out of their budget. 

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